Parts Horse has shut down (at least for now)


Parts Horse has existed for over 3 years! I started it in December 2018, and there was only a few days of downtime until there was some kind of weird TLS error in January or February 2022.

However, during those 3 years, I was never able to get someone to help me prioritize what components to add documentation for. In fact, nobody even said they used it.

After 3 years, I've decided it's too much of a burden to maintain entirely for myself — at least in its current form.

What now?

Short-term, the current server has been shut down — it was malfunctioning, annoyingly complicated, and terribly outdated. But most importantly, it's reproducible, so I can spin up a similarly malfunctioning system if I change my mind!

My vague, long-term plan is to convert Parts Horse to an entirely static website. It's already mostly static, but not quite there yet. We'll probably lose the search functionality, but that was never working quite right anyway.

Okay but what if I wanted to use it?

Head over to Parts Horse issue #112 and let me know. The more folks who express their interest, the more likely I am to come back to this project.